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SAP BusinessObjects™ Consulting

Our SAP BusinessObjects™ consulting services include:


We offer installation of SAP BusinessObjects™ on both Windows and Unix platforms. Whether your system consists of a single server or multiple servers across a heterogeneous environment, our consultants have the expertise to ensure that the software is set up correctly in your environment and best tailored for your needs.

SAP BusinessObjects™ Integration

When you want to access SAP® data using SAP BusinessObjects™, you need to understand how to best integrate these technologies. Our team is very well versed in integrating SAP BusinessObjects™ with SAP® BW and SAP® ECC so you can easily create reports with SAP® data. In fact, our consultants were chosen by SAP’s own BI Center of Excellence to deliver SAP® and SAP Business Objects™ integration seminars to enterprise clients throughout Canada!

Universe Design

Our consultants have years of experience in developing SAP BusinessObjects™ universes. Designing universes requires a thorough understanding of how to best structure your data as well the best use of universe design features and capabilities, to produce efficient and usable universes. A well designed universe is key to end-user adoption of the reporting tool. Whether your needs are to develop simple universes against a single data source or highly complex universes with multiple data sources using the new Information Design Tool, let our team help you with your universe and report development.

Report Development & Analysis

Developing SAP BusinessObjects™ reports requires a deep understanding of the various report development and analysis tools offered by SAP and how to best use the right tool for your needs. If you are wondering when to use Web Intelligence™, Crystal Reports™ or SAP Business Objects™ Analysis Edition for OLAP, let our experts guide you in determining the best tool for the right job. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to guide you through the report development and analysis process so you have the knowledge to do it yourself long after we have completed the project.

Dashboard Development

SAP offers a wide range of tools to develop dashboards and visualizations (SAP Dashboards, SAP Design Studio, and SAP Lumira). Choosing the right tool can be a challenge. Let our experienced consultants help you select the right tool, and design and develop your dashboards. Our team has the expertise to develop simple to highly complex and connected dashboards and visualizations. We have helped several clients with their dashboard and visualization development efforts from design to development and performance tuning.

SAP BusinessObjects™ Migration Services

If you are thinking about upgrading to a newer version of SAP BusinessObjects™, call on our experts to help you with the migration. Whether it is migrating from an older version such as Version 6.x or XI or from a relatively newer version such as XI3 to XI4, we can help. We will assess your current environment, analyze your target environment and provide a complete upgrade plan before any migration begins. We will then help you with the complete process to ensure that your migration is successful. Our training services will ensure that your end-users and technical staff have the requisite training to move forward with the new version.

Portal & Other Customization Services

Our clients often wish to customize the look and feel of the BI Launchpad (InfoView) and customize the functionality of the BI tools using the SDK. Customization can provide a more familiar look and feel to the BI environment, leading to higher user adoption and, in many cases, reduced training needs. Let our experts work with you and use the SDK to customize the BI environment for you.

Contract Consulting Services, both On-Site and Remote

Often, our clients find themselves short staffed for their BI projects. Our consultants are available for your BI projects, both on a short-term as well as long-term basis. We can work with your teams onsite or at our offices, as your needs may be. As always, our consultants will ensure complete knowledge transfer to your team so that you can seamlessly take over the projects upon completion.

System Health Check & Performance Tuning

If you are not getting optimal performance from your SAP BusinessObjects™ system, call on us to perform a complete system health check. We have the expertise to review your system and make recommendations to improve the system performance. Our team will look at all the aspects from your server setup to your databases, universes and reports. You will receive a comprehensive report on the issues and suggested resolutions.

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