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Consulting engagements consist of one or more of the following services


Improve your time to value with our expert implementation services. Leverage the knowledge and experience of our certified Tableau experts to build your Tableau System on a physical or virtualized server or as a cloud solution.

Rely on our consultants to design a cutting edge architecture on which to build a reliable, scalable, and responsive Tableau solution.

Best Practices

Develop and deploy visualizations to provide decision makers in your organization with actionable information. Combine visual appeal advanced data analysis and the power of industry standard best practices to create a useful and stable solution.

We understand the need for focus and direction to get the most out of your project. When developing visualizations, we communicate with your development team and your end users to ensure their requirements are met.

All of our consultants have extensive experience with Tableau technologies and a vast toolbox of supporting technologies. We leverage this experience to build a solution that fits your needs –rather than fit your needs to the solution.

ETL and Data Governance

Our team has extensive experience in data management. We understand how to build the correct data model to achieve maximum performance from your Tableau applications. We can help you design your data model and the correct ETL methodology to keep your data up to date and relevant.

We understand the importance of proper data governance. Our data management team will work with you to secure and streamline the access to your data in your Tableau application, while maintaining high performance and maximizing ROI.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer to your staff is crucial to the success of your project. Our consultants will work with your staff to ensure both fast time to value and lasting success. We have a stringent requirement that our consultants be not only technically skilled, but also possess the business acumen and communication skills needed to keep your staff engaged and informed.

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Our Certified consultants and server administrators are available both on-site and/or remotely