The most trusted framework for modern BI, Data Science & ML web Applications

Dash enables teams to develop Data science and ML applications that put the power of Python, R, and Julia in possession of business users as AI enabled web applications – at a fraction of the cost of traditional BI or analytics applications – using modern DevOps/agile principles

ML Ops Features

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ML & AI templates 

Dash Enterprise Apps helps with all the business problems related to AI/ML. Compuexcel can also help you create apps to perform metanalysis of AI performance

Big Data for Python 

Dash Enterprise upholds turnkey associations with the modern “big data” and analytics backends for Python, including Vaex, Dask, Datashader, RAPIDS, Databricks (PySpark),

GPU & Desk Acceleration 

In recent years, Dask and NVIDIA Rapids have changed the Python HPC scene. This is vital for graphically intensive dashboard visualizations which are not possible using other tools

Data Science workspaces 

Data Science Workspaces makes it simpler for new colleagues to benefit from Day 1, permitting various advancement situations for each part of work. It supports the authoring and execution of Dash apps, Jupyter notebooks, and scripts.

It all happens when you bring Python, R, or Julia into your organization at a massive scale with Data Science Workspaces

Design Kit 

Using the Dash design kit, all the Dash apps can be easily arranged, styled and customized to allow a focus on functionality without sacrificing the end-user experience.

Snapshot Engine 

Snapshot Engine adds the ability to save dash views or objects, trigger alerts, generate custom PDF reports & more to help you keep track of your insights.

Dashboard Toolkit

With features like the Drag & Drop editor, cross filter, and the Dash chart editor, there is no BI or dashboard tool that can’t be recreated in Dash and augmented with advanced AI and ML capabilities. It requires only a few lines of Python or R code.


The Dash apps can be embedded in any web platform with the dash enterprise’s help embedding middleware.


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Enterprise AI Features


Interested in Dash?

App Manager

With the help of DashAppManager, teams can deploy, manage and share all of their Dash apps through a single portal and admin user interface.

Kubernetes Scaling

Dash uses industry leading Kubernetes technology for massive scaling. Combined with Dash’s stateless design, this allows critical applications to be scaled effortlessly as needed.

Seamless Authentication

Dash AppManager facilitates app access via SSO or GUI with security customization available to ensure that the right people see the right data – and nothing more.

Job Queue

To ensure that Dash front-end can handle incoming web requests promptly, reducing the likelihood of performance issues that can occur from backlogs, the job queue comes into action.

The job queue improves the smoothness of data processing by enabling it to offload slow or CPU-intensive tasks from its callback loops as needed -whatever is most efficient is always possible-

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