SAP HANA – Modeling and Implementation

“I appreciate the fact that we were able to easily deviate from the book when possible to cover more interesting & advanced topics. [Instructor] is very knowledgeable and honest about BO XI capabilities. Thanks.”
John F, FedEx

“[Instructor] is very knowledgeable in this subject and is able to communicate information in an easy, understandable manner. I look forward to doing the advanced class…”
– Kimberley G, Rogers Wireless

“This instructor gets a 10 out of 10. He is brilliant and has the expertise and teaching methodology that makes this type of course fun and educational. Highly recommend for future courses!!! OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!”
Attendee, Burger King Corporation

Course Description

This course is designed to provide details of SAP HANA Modeling and Model Processing. The course also provides hands on experience with Data Provisioning using SAP Data Services and SLT (System Landscape Transform). Security and authorizations will also be discussed. Extensive hands on exercises are provided for the students.


This course is targeted for consultants and project team members who wish to gain a deeper understanding of SAP HANA Modeling, Data Provisioning, and Security and Administration.


After completing this course, students will be able to create SAP HANA models, understand the different SAP HANA views and learn how to load data using SLT, SAP Data Services and Direct Extractor Connector (DXC). The course discusses several other topics such as Currency Conversion, Decision Tables, Text Processing, Security & Authorizations and more. The course provides extensive hands on workshops in order to reinforce topics taught.

Duration & Version

3 Days – 1.x


The SAP HANA—Introduction course is mandatory. Experience with data modeling and SQL is recommended.

Topics Covered

SAP HANA Modeling

Model Processing
Pros & Cons of Data Access methods from SAP HANA

Connecting Tables

Understanding Joins in SAP HANA

Advanced Modeling

Creating Attribute & Analytical Views
Filters, Variables and Parameters
SQLScript and Procedures
Calculation Views
Currency Conversion
Decision Tables

Full Text Search

Data Types and Indexes
Using Full Text Search

Processing Information Models

Processing Information Models

Application Function Library (AFL)

AFL Overview

Managing Modeling Content

Managing Modeling Content
Import/Export Models

Security and Authorizations

User Management and Security
Types of Privileges
Administrative Security
SAP HANA and BI4 Authentication

Data Provisioning USING SLT

Administration and Monitoring
Transformations and Advanced Replication Settings
Filtering Data

Data Provisioning with Data Services

Loading Data with Data Services

Data Provisioning with DXC

Using DXC

Loading Data from Flat Files

Loading Data from Flat Files


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