We will work with your organization to upskill and enable your analysts to quickly create compelling and robust applications enabling you to get the most from your dash enterprise instance. 

From setting up & orienting your working environments to best practices, migrating from open source, and general education on this exciting new technology, we offer it all. 

We are proud to be a Plotly partner bringing a long tradition of practical training & enablement solutions. 


DevOps practices, technology blending use cases

Python sandbox & enablement 

  • We will show you the Python ecosystem and how to blend Dash with your existing data infrastructure and bring it to life 
  • Filter out the noise in the analytics space and bring forward what’s relevant for your budget, resources & use cases 
  • We get you started using Python 
  • Programming in Python, especially using Dash 
  • Ask questions & get quick answers/pointers relevant to your project 
  • Learn how to create Python environments for Dash projects in a single line of code 

Interested In Dash Training?