Over 30,000 Users Trained

Since 1988, Compuexcel has built a stellar reputation as a leader in providing Analytics training services throughout North America. Our goals have not wavered since our inception: To provide our clients training that translates into immediately applicable skills in the office. Our Certified Instructors are required to have several years of hands-on implementation experience. It does not stop there. We continue to expand our knowledge base to include the latest Analytics technologies, to provide the highest level of corporate and individual training, which our customers have come to expect from us. We offer training in a variety of formats to best meet our clients’ unique needs. 

Flexible Training Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Onsite Training

All of our classes are offered on-site. Arrangements can be made to deliver training at your facility or using our training environment.

Remote Training

Most of our classes are offered remotely over the web with a live instructor.

Custom Training Solutions

All of Compuexcel’s onsite courses can be delivered as per our standard course ware or customized to any degree your organization requires.

Our clients often find that their team members retain the training information better when manipulating familiar data during workshops and/or demonstrations. To accommodate this preference, Compuexcel will customize any course to incorporate your company’s data at any level you may request. Standard course content can also be customized to cover your team’s unique learning requirements.

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