Certified Dash Consulting services from an authorized Plotly partner to help you accelerate your project, with unparalleled success. 

Lift, Shift & Expand

Compuexcel converts costly but popular applications to Dash enterprise with certified Dash consultants. We help you save money while enabling your analysts to work with the latest in web apps & data science at scale without limit

Advanced Analytics Applications

Advanced analytics applications offered by Dash like AI Machine learning enhanced, NLP web pages and high-performance 3d models fall under our expertise

Open Source To Enterprise Conversion 

Let us help you improve system performances by enhancing upgrades and streamlining your apps. We also compress design codes for easier maintenance and changes

Integrations Services

Our team of experts feed data from existing repositories into Dash applications and connect on top of popular in-memory databases and uncover hidden insights

Dashboard Development

Choose the engagement type according to your convenience. We offer distance and onsite Dash Consulting Services

On-Demand Reporting Enhancements 

We help you discover fast insights with ad-hoc reporting applications, comparative analysis applications and audit & reconciliation. We are here to support your end-to-end analytical workflow

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