“I appreciate the fact that we were able to easily deviate from the book when possible to cover more interesting & advanced topics. [Instructor] is very knowledgeable and honest about BO XI capabilities. Thanks.”
John F, FedEx

“[Instructor] is very knowledgeable in this subject and is able to communicate information in an easy, understandable manner. I look forward to doing the advanced class…”
– Kimberley G, Rogers Wireless

“This instructor gets a 10 out of 10. He is brilliant and has the expertise and teaching methodology that makes this type of course fun and educational. Highly recommend for future courses!!! OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!”
Attendee, Burger King Corporation

Course Description

This course is designed to give report developers the skills needed to create reports and analyze data using Web Intelligence as well as to manage, share, organize and schedule documents using the BI Launchpad.

The course provides a comprehensive coverage of reporting techniques using Web Intelligence, allowing users to create meaningful reports. Users will also learn how to analyze their data using drill down analysis. In addition, users learn how to manage documents in BI Launchpad in order to organize and share their own personal as well as corporate documents.


This course is targeted for users that need to create reports, analyze data and organize documents using Web Intelligence and BI Launchpad.


After completing this course, students will be able to create Web Intelligence reports using beginner to intermediate level techniques. Students will learn techniques such as creating queries, filters, charts, tables, variables, functions, custom sorts, ranking, sectioned reports and much more. The course provides extensive hands on workshops in order to reinforce topics taught.

Duration & Version

2 Days – 4.x


No previous knowledge of Web Intelligence is required. Knowledge of using a Web Browser is required. Prior experience with Microsoft Excel is helpful but not mandatory.

Topics Covered

What is WEBI
Universe, Classes & Objects
WEBI Document
The Query Process
Data Provider

Starting and Logging On
BI Launchpad Overview
Home Page
Setting Preferences
Managing Documents
Managing Folders
Opening and Refreshing Documents

Pre-Defined Query Filters
Simple User Defined Query Filters
Complex User Defined Query Filters
Quick Filters

Report Editing Environment
Managing Table Blocks
Managing Rows, Columns and Cells
Report Structure
Adding/Deleting/Moving Columns, Rows and Cells
Formatting Report
Page Headers and Footers
Rename, Duplicate, Delete Reports
Conditional Formatting

How Data Tracking Works
Using Data Tracking

Sorts – Ascending, Descending and Custom
Document Filters, Input Controls
Pre-Defined Calculations
Calculation Order and Breaks

Horizontal Tables
Charts, Geo-maps
Chart Properties
Sectioned Reports

Formula – Syntax, Toolbar Editor
Functions (Character, Concatenation, Format) Variables
Object vs. Variables vs. Formulas
Grouping Data

Document Destinations
Sending by Email
Sending to Business Objects Inbox
Sending to Another Computer’s hard drive
Scheduling Documents
Scheduling Options
Monitoring Scheduled Documents
Document Instances

Drill Down Analysis Overview
Drill Down – Single Hierarchy
Drill Down – Multiple Hierarchies

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